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Monthly newsletter with cool stuff I found on the internet (related to science, technology, biology, and other nerdy things)!

Once a month. No spam. Ever. Promise 🤙

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#19: Roman Maps, Da Vinci, Jurassic Park, Ancient Computer, Aliens, Happy Birthday on Mars, and more!

Hi everyone!I recently came across a post on Farnam Street about compound interest, which I wanted to share with you. Albert Einstein called compound interest the "8th wonder of the world" and noted that "he who understands it, earns it".The basic idea is tha…


#18: Planet Crasher, Floppy Drives, Gene-editing, Our Black Hole, Powerwalls, Data Breaches, and more!

Hi everyone!It's summer in the northern hemisphere, which means.... suffering from hay fever! For me, symptoms are at their worst right now, and they get better towards the end of July.Thanks to the book Immune by Philipp Dettmer, I now know what's going on i…


#17: Sleep, Payphones, V'Ger, Solid State Battery, Cancer-killing Virus, Poo Transplants, and more!

Hi everyone!In this newsletter edition, I want to take a moment and talk about sleep. Last week I reviewed my notes from the book Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Even though the book has received a lot of criticism (some of which the author addressed here), i…


#16: DIY Toaster, Dobby, Netflix Yarn Intro, Leaded Gasoline, Noise Pollution, Human Genome, Leaded Gasoline, and more!

Hi everyone!A lot has happened in the past month, but the most interesting bit of news is that Elon Musk bought Twitter. I guess everyone must have a hobby? I'm not very active on social media, but I do flick through Twitter on a daily basis. It'll be interes…


#15: OpenAI breaks game, Disney Nuclear Power, Surgery, Sewer Data, and more!

Hi everyone!In the past few months, I've been experimenting with different note-taking apps. I come across many interesting things while -working- procrastinating, but I don't do a good job of capturing it all. Now, I'm using Obsidian as my "second brain" and…


#14: Simulating a human brain, Hubble, Largest Bacterium Ever, Fusion Energy, Windows 11 goes green, and more!

Hi everyone!Last week, Simply Explained reached 400,000 subscribers on YouTube! This is a huge milestone, and I want to thank everyone for watching my videos, reading my blog posts and newsletters. Your support really means a lot to me! I know I haven't been …


#13: Pixar, Stirling Engine, Hidden Blockchain Data, Crashing into the Moon, First Pig Heart Transplant, and more!

Hi everyone!I hope you had a good start of the year and are already making progress towards realizing your goals for 2022. After all, the year is already 10% over!This edition of the newsletter is once again full of interesting stuff I found online. But first…


#12: Six Years on YouTube, Winnie The Pooh, Dinosaurs, Plastics, Nuclear energy, and more!

I just published a blog post in which I look back at the past 6 years of being a YouTube creator. Last year was my most successful year on YouTube so far, and in the post I share some statistics, thoughts and goals for next year. Read the post →


#11: Motivation, Miss Excel, WD-40, Electricity, fungal infections, and more!

I started my YouTube channel in 2016. It was something that I wanted to do for a long time, but I kept coming up with excuses. Nobody will watch my videos. I don't know how to edit videos. I don't have the equipment. There are already a lot of videos on YouTu…


#10: Stupid questions, metaverse, soup, SpaceX, Honey Bees, and more!

Engineer Dan Luu (who designs CPU's for a living) has written an excellent post about the willingness to look stupid. Here's a brief excerpt about the point he's trying to make:(...) I've observed that people who are willing to ask dumb questions and think "s…


#9: CO2 sensor, Beethoven's new single, Facebook down, Microplastics, and more

Hi everyone!It's been a tumultuous week. Facebook went down, leaving many people disconnected from the world and their steady source of (mis)information. I'm not a huge social media person myself, so I barely noticed it. How about you?Why are we curious? Why …


#8: Chip shortage, Joe Rogan, GMO's, Thorium Reactors, Kids, and more!

Like any proud dad, I can now add a section about infants in my newsletter. I'm fascinated by how babies grow and make sense of the world around them. Growing up must be extremely hard!I can't promise that this will be a recurring section in the newsletter, b…


#7 - Smartphones, WW2, SpaceX, Leap seconds, Battery innovation, and more!

I didn't post any videos during the previous month. I'm currently working on some educational videos for actual classrooms!I just wanted to share an update of my YouTube spam filter: it's been running very well. So far, it has automatically deleted 190 spam c…


#6 - YouTube Spam, Spying, Satoshi Nakamoto, energy crisis, and more!

My YouTube channel has been attracting a lot of spammers. They try to trick people into investing money with them or claim to recover lost Bitcoin wallet keys.I've been marking these as spam, but YouTube's spam filter doesn't seem to update itself. So time to…


#5: Internet Root, Genetics, Apple, Helicopters on Mars, and more!

NFT's are a hot topic nowadays, with artists selling digital artwork for millions of dollars. In this video, I explain what NFT's are and how they can be used for other things. All in under 4 minutes!


#4: 5G, Bitcoin surveillance, YouTube transcoding chips, Signal's Ad Campaign, Pooplog

I wrote a few technical blog posts:MAX17043: Battery Monitoring Done RightPreventing Cumulative Layout Shifts with lazy loaded imagesMigrating This Blog From Jekyll to Eleventy


#3: Home Automation, Space, Slapping a chicken, viral website, source code of mRNA vaccines

No new videos this month, but I did manage to write a blog post about Home Assistant.


#2: Solid, ESP32, Vaccine manufacturing

In the latest Simply Explained video, I take a look at Solid. A new kind of web that aims to fix our issues with online privacy.It was started by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web. He wants to give us back control of our personal data. How? By putting …


#1: mRNA vaccines, Impact of Adblockers, DIY Mission Control

mRNA vaccines are currently being rolled out to combat COVID19. In this video, I explain how they work.They have the potential of deeply impacting our world, even beyond COVID19.