#15: OpenAI breaks game, Disney Nuclear Power, Surgery, Sewer Data, and more!





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#15: OpenAI breaks game, Disney Nuclear Power, Surgery, Sewer Data, and more!
By Simply Explained Newsletter • Issue #15 • View online
Hi everyone!
In the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with different note-taking apps. I come across many interesting things while -working- procrastinating, but I don’t do a good job of capturing it all. Now, I’m using Obsidian as my “second brain” and it’s been amazing! 
For example, whenever I come across an article that could make it into this newsletter, I simply add it to my daily note with the tag “newsletter-queue”. Then, when the time comes to write the next issue, I look through all the items with that tag and make a selection. Easy!
Anyway, that’s enough about my “productivity system”. I’m curious to know what neat hacks you have to help you get things done. Reply to this email and let me know ;)
Enjoy your monthly dose of weird things on the Internet! 

🤓 Cool Stuff I Found on the Internet
The iPhone Thought Experiment
AI breaks a game of hide and seek
How Disney Became a Nuclear Power
👽 Space
First images from James Webb exceed all expectations
🏥 Health & Medicine
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