#20: Brain Power, CPR in Space, Life on Venus, Long COVID, Cars are Insanely Expensive, and more!





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#20: Brain Power, CPR in Space, Life on Venus, Long COVID, Cars are Insanely Expensive, and more!
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Hi everyone!
This month I’d like to talk about reading. While I’m not a fast reader, I try to read at least one book a month. I find it a great way to disconnect from the internet and train myself to spend more time in a focussed state.
I recently came across a summary of Tyler Cowen’s interview on the Tim Ferris Show where he talked about reading. Here are some takeaways:
  • Be ruthless. Stop reading if a book isn’t good. Throw it away. Don’t give the book to someone else because that harms them.
  • Nobody reads fast. By reading more, you’ll compound knowledge and that will improve your reading speed. You’ll think: “I know that, I know that, …”
  • Read multiple books on the same topic. Every author has a different point of view. There’s not a “best book” on a given topic.
  • People don’t read enough, and the reason for that is we feel obliged to finish books we start, which puts a burden on us. But that makes little sense. Imagine being obliged to go to the same restaurant for days or weeks. You would hate it!
I’m personally one of those people who doesn’t want to quit on a book. And while I love reading, I sometimes become frustrated and stop reading because of a terrible book.
What are your reading habits? I’m curious to know what your reading habits are. Reply to this email and let me know.
Take care,

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