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#5: Internet Root, Genetics, Apple, Helicopters on Mars, and more!

#5: Internet Root, Genetics, Apple, Helicopters on Mars, and more!
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Hi friend!
I hope you’re doing well and are ready for another jam-packed newsletter to tickle your curiosity!
First up: It’s been 3 months since I last published a Simply Explained episode, but I finally managed to upload a new one. I’ve been struggling to create videos lately. I have a lot of ideas and half-baked scripts, but I just couldn’t finish anything. 
But not to fear: I already know what the next 2 videos will be about, and they’re going to be a bit different.
Secondly, the channel has just reached 300,000 subscribers. This is a huge milestone for me. When I started Simply Explained (about 5 years ago), the aim was to get to 100,000 subscribers. It seemed impossible. A goal too far to reach. But I kept my head down. I kept chipping away at it, and now I’m at three times that number!
I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the years. It really means a lot to me! Thank you.
Enjoy the newsletter,

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New blog posts
I also wrote two new blog posts. They’re a bit technical and geeky 🤓.
Cool Stuff I Found on the Internet
First genetically modified mosquitoes released in the United States
Wikipedia is swimming in money—why is it begging people to donate?
HTTP/1.0 Room 404 Object Not Found
A Palazzo Reborn: Inside Apple’s Stunning New Store in Via del Corso, Rome
News from Low-Earth Orbit 🌍 & Mars 👽
Space Debris Has Hit And Damaged The International Space Station
NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Shining Clouds on Mars
China's Mars rover Zhurong just snapped an epic self-portrait on the Red Planet
Apollo-Soyuz Mission: When the Space Race Ended
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