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#7 - Smartphones, WW2, SpaceX, Leap seconds, Battery innovation, and more!

#7 - Smartphones, WW2, SpaceX, Leap seconds, Battery innovation, and more!
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This month, I have some thought-provoking 🤔 subjects for you.
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I didn’t post any videos during the previous month. I’m currently working on some educational videos for actual classrooms!
I just wanted to share an update of my YouTube spam filter: it’s been running very well. So far, it has automatically deleted 190 spam comments. However, it missed 132 spam comments, so I keep my eye out for those and periodically retrain the model.
🤩 My favorite YouTube channels
I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite YouTube channels with you. Many of them have inspired me to start my channel, and I’ve learned a lot from them as well. They’re listed in no particular order:
🤓 Cool Stuff I Found on the Internet
Road warriors: American trucks and SUVs are now longer than the tanks that fought in World War II
SpaceX installed 29 Raptor engines on a Super Heavy rocket
Apple will start scanning your photos
⚡️ Energy
Top 5% Polluting Power Plants Account For 73% Of Global Emissions
🦠 SARS-CoV-2
And last but not least: some news about our ongoing battle against COVID19.
Commission approves Novavax coronavirus vaccine deal
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