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#9: CO2 sensor, Beethoven's new single, Facebook down, Microplastics, and more

#9: CO2 sensor, Beethoven's new single, Facebook down, Microplastics, and more
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Hi everyone!
It’s been a tumultuous week. Facebook went down, leaving many people disconnected from the world and their steady source of (mis)information. I’m not a huge social media person myself, so I barely noticed it. How about you?
Why are we curious? Why I write this newsletter.
Back to the newsletter. When I started this newsletter, I had two goals: share my latest work and tickle the curiosity of others. This made me think about why we’re curious in the first place.
As soon as we’re born, we’re curious about the world. Children want to explore and understand how things work, which is vital for their development.
But curiosity also has downsides. Babies who learn how to walk fall 17 times per hour. Why do they continue to torture themselves? Because the benefits outweigh the risks. Walking is faster than crawling, so they get back up and try again until they succeed.
The point I’m trying to make is that being curious is important, not only for children. Studies found that curiosity makes us happier, boosts our performance at work/school, makes us better human beings, and boosts our creativity.
So that brings me back to the goal for this newsletter: I hope it can tickle your curiosity and (by extension) have a positive impact on your life.
Take care and enjoy your weekend!

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